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Mutually Beneficial Divorce Mediation in Carmel Hamlet, NY

When people think about the term “divorce,” it more often than not conjures images of emotionally charged, stressful scenes in a courtroom. As a consequence, many may think of this legal process as one of heartbreak, hardship, and wounds that might never heal. At The Law Office of Joseph J. Fonseca, we believe in steering family matters towards the best possible outcome. To that end, we offer divorce mediation in Carmel Hamlet, NY. 

We understand that trying to settle a divorce in court can be a harrowing experience. However, not every divorce needs to be decided by a judge. It is entirely possible to resolve a couple’s dispute by finding common ground and working out an agreement that benefits both parties. By working with an attorney with experience in family law, you can work with your spouse to dissolve your union on amenable terms. Our law firm is here to help couples find a new start.

The Family Law Firm You Can Trust

The best thing you can do for your family is to ensure your loved ones have a chance to pursue their future. As mediators, we work closely with clients to establish a level field for negotiations. Our divorce lawyer provides an environment where both parties can voice their concerns and come to an agreement to separate.

Our divorce mediation services are impartial, and we strive to reach outcomes that are beneficial to both parties. From the division of assets and property to child custody and visitation terms, we help couples reach agreements. In turn, we empower separated couples to pursue a fresh start--and all without getting the courts involved.

You and your partner deserve respect during this time. Choose a law firm that empathizes with your situation. Request a consultation with our family lawyer to learn more about our services.