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DUI Attorney in Carmel Hamlet, NY

Call The Law Office of Joseph J. Fonseca to speak with an experienced DUI attorney in Carmel Hamlet, NY. When you are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), you need competent legal representation to help you avoid the potentially steep penalties. 

A drunk driving conviction without aggravated circumstances is a misdemeanor, but this can escalate to a felony on the second and any subsequent convictions. The penalties upon conviction include a high fine, license revocation, and possible jail time. Our attorney will closely examine your case and put together the best available defense

Fighting to Protect Your Best Interest 

While the result of your case will depend on many considerations, our lawyer will work diligently to ensure the most favorable outcome given the circumstances of your DWI or DUI charge. We will look for procedural irregularities by the police or state prosecutor and other mitigating circumstances. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorney will thoroughly investigate whether it is possible in your case to secure reduced or dismissed charges. As our client, you receive the personalized attention that your case deserves. 

Please contact our office right away when you need to consult with a DWI or auto accident attorney. You only get one chance in court, and our services improve your chances of receiving the outcome you want.